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Paramount Theme Park “In the detail stage”

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Paramount Murcia Entrance

A feasibility study on the project has now been completed favorably and the Paramount Theme park moves ahead into the “detail Phase”.

Jesus Samper and his team have recently traveled to Hollywood to hold a meeting with the heads of Paramount Pictures to evaluate the progress of the project and outline the ‘road show’ to be launched in September with the aim of raising awareness of the future theme park that built in Alhama de Murcia and attract investors.

The feasibility study will be sent to all major business centers around the world.

The study includes the collection of data on the current and future hotel capacity in the region, tourism development plans, golf courses, cruise traffic in Cartagena and communication networks, with an eye on the new airport and the AVE train to be operating in 2012 and completed in 2014.

“Our aim is that the theme park is running in 2015 and that the region becomes a world tourism destination.”

The group have been working with the Alhama De Murcia council and have reported that there are no setbacks with the urban paperwork and everything is moving along very well.

For Condado De Alhama owners and the residents of Murcia on a whole the news of this project reaching another goalpost is excellent. The resort will benefit from the tourism generated from the project as will all the surrounding areas. Mazarron have revamped it’s promenade and Bolnuevo is working to complete theirs which is under construction now.

Paramount Resort Murcia. A world of Emotions. Master Plan

Friday, March 25th, 2011




Watch a clip of the video presentation shown on the news by clicking here.

Paramount Resort Murcia. The design and master plan was revealed in Murcia today to a packed house of government officials, investors and national press. The long awaited video presentation was presented and well received by all that attended.

The Paramount Resort will open in 2015 and will require an investment of 1000 million euros, something that was announced as “not going to be a problem as the project is extremely viable.” The park will be revolutionary emerging it’s visitors in some of Paramounts greatest films.

From the moment visitors set foot in the park and cross the legendary entry they will be totally immersed in a captivating world where everyone’s imagination will take flight.

Visitors will be able live the movies through amazing attractions based on Paramount movies including ‘Mission Impossible’, ‘Titanic’, ‘Tomb Raider’ ‘The Lost Valley’ and ‘Star Trek’. High tech, full on American and coming to Murcia.

Let’s take a look at some of the attractions and areas of the resort.

Adventure City

The park will include an area called “Adventure City”, where Paramounts most explosive films will become dynamic attractions. Mission Impossible 4D, which will introduce visitors to a mixture of 3D movies and high tech effects. The visitors will ride fast cars which will move through this totally virtual world. In addition, there will be a roller coaster called “Italian Job”, which will be a big attraction, visitors will race through scenes filled with incredible special effects. Adventure City will also feature the attraction “Titanic Exposed”, where visitors can experience the unforgettable story of the Titanic through artifacts, displays and special effects.

Lost Valley

Lost Valley will be an area set in deep vegetation where the focus for visitors will be on discovery, mystery and adventure. In this area, two of the experiences will be highly exciting “Congo River” and “Lara Croft”, “Tomb Raider”. In both cases, visitors can participate through many interactive elements,  sitting in an area which will seem to be located inside the ancient crypt in Tomb Raider. High above “Lost Valley” emerges the magnificent “Dragons Legend”, a roller coaster sure to get your heart going.

The most successful themed attractions have a very broad appeal, ensuring that each member of the family has something to let their imagination fly, this leads us to Fantasy Space.

Fantasy Space

Fantasy Space will provide younger visitors the opportunity to explore a world based on fantasy, one where the primary theme is the “Happy Tree”, where little ones can let off steam, play, climb and explore. Become a wizard embarking on your own interactive adventure in another space. There are many other attractions in the area of ​​”Fantasy Tree”, as well as a roller coaster for the whole family to take a journey of  fairy tales. A mysterious forest, will host the tavern “‘Sleepy Hollow”, where fantasy will take on a slightly darker theme

Plaza future

Plaza Future will immerse visitors in the world of science, action and adventure into outer space. The key attraction will be “Star Trek”. Total immersion combining motion simulation and highly advanced technology to give visitors an experience they will never forget. Among other attractions in Plaza future will be a 4D spectacular feature in which you will experience attacks against aliens when you join “‘The War of the Worlds.” If you like a little fear in your day you can enjoy the paranormal activity, gripped by 3D audio and sound effects where spooks will walk in the room and give visitors the feeling that spirits fly by them, quite literally.

Life Style Center.

The theme park will also have an enclosed area called  the “Life style center “, which will be an area of restaurants, hotels, shopping, nightclubs and entertainment venues, all part of the new Paramount Resort in Murcia Spain.

Paramount Murcia is located only 5KM from Condado De Alhama. The construction will begin before the end of the year.  A brilliant day in Murcia.

Paramount Full Licence Signed Sealed and Delivered for Murcia Spain

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

The final licence deal has now been signed sealed and delivered to Jesus Samper and the region of Murcia Spain. Paramount Murcia Spain. Paramount has given permission to use the name and theme for a 30 year period. This was a very big step in the project of Paramount Resort to be located in Alhama De Murcia. This was achieved way within the one year period they had to complete the preliminary work needed to finalize the license agreement with Paramount.

Jesus Samper and the community of Murcia state again that there is no turning back on this project. They also remind us…as if anyone needs reminding, that the official master plan will be presented in Murcia on March 25th. Attending this presentation will be Michael Bartok representing Paramount and to unveil the exciting Master Plan straight from Hollywood. This is the day when we will all see what is planned for Alhama De Murcia.

Today a sleepy Spanish village, tomorrow Hollywood.

Jesus Samper now moves onto the financing of this project, something he does not see as a difficult task despite the world climate as several Chinese and Arab investment groups have already shown interest in investing in this project even when it was in it’s earlier stages.

Polaris Worlds Condado De Alhama will benefit from this massive investment, cheap property sales will be a thing of the past that is for sure. The resort has been selling out quickly as early bird and savvy investors move in to snap up the bargains. This is good for all property owners on Condado who will see their property prices rebound following the sell out.

The park, which will include several hotels, a theme park, water park, shopping and of course the big attraction THE Paramount New Generation park, which is expecting to attract 4-6 million tourists to the region. Building will begin before the end of the year and will complete in 5 years.

Paramount Murcia continues to grow

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

During the last week the Paramount Murcia project has continued to grow with a purchase agreement of adjoining land to that purchased last week in Alhama De Murcia, land that will be the future home of the huge theme park and studios. Paying 8-10 euros a square meter, way under the price requested by IRM on the land at Condado De Alhama.

The joint venture flagship of Murcia have another negotiation on going with the directors of the multinational Hollywood to finalize the license that will allow the marketing of the brand and products of Paramount.

The license will cost between 1.5 and 2.5 million euros. Negotiators hope to conclude the talks within two to three weeks. Apart from this economic pillar, the owners of Paramount receive other income on account of the operation and future profits from the theme park, which will result in a percentage that is still to be decided.

Once they have land and license, the flagship project will seek the necessary funding, adding new partners to meet the costs.Two assets are strong enough to attract the capital needed to make the project take off”. Explains Jesus Samper.

Things are certainly continuing to move on this project and I believe will continue to with the master plan due in April, only 1 month before the Government elections in Murcia.

Paramount Murcia will close the deal.

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Paramount Murcia still struggle to tie down an exact location for the Theme Park to be built in Alhama De Murcia Spain. The banks for the land at Polaris Worlds Condado De Alhama appear to be holding onto their asking price of 350 million so, talks heat up with the surrounding land owners to strike a deal fast. It is very important that the land be secured before the opening of the FITUR conference if Murcia is to attract the investors and maximize this opportunity. On the map above you can see the option that is materializing on land currently called SIERRA ALHAMA GOLF, this is a resort that was never started and therefor is sitting comfortably on 2 million meters of land that just happens to be available for Paramount. If you are familiar with the Alhama De Murcia area, you will find this land at the Alhama roundabout about 5 minutes drive from the Condado De Alhama exit.

This is still in the works and still not set in stone, but we will update you again once an announcement is made, again expect this to be done before January 19th, the beginning of the FITUR conference.

Murcia temperatures hit a beautiful 28 degrees in some places today.

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

As much of the UK and Europe shivers in the freeze, Murcia Spain, enjoys the winter with temperatures reaching 28 degrees today in some places of the region. A little video of some golfers out on the Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf course December 7th.

Property owners and vacationers alike arrive at Condado De Alhama to take a break from the bleak weather conditions and enjoy some fun in the sun on the Jack Nicklaus Signature Course. If you plan to come to Murcia for Christmas lets hope the winter continues.

It was no mistake that Murcia Spain was chosen by Paramount Theme park. A part of Spain where you can enjoy outside activities most of the year. Tomorrow is a big vacation day in Spain and I am sure you will see many of the locals hit the local beaches to enjoy this December holiday.

Paramount, ” Three Months You Should Be Able To See And Touch”

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

3 Months and you will be able to see and touch...Paramount.

In an interview with Salvador Marin the minister of universities and research in Murcia he discussed several projects and plans for the Murcia region, of course one of the hot topics was Paramount Murcia. In the picture above he gestures that in 3 months we should be able to see and touch Paramount.

“What is important is that investment has chosen the Region of Murcia against Spain and Europe in writing, which in Anglo-Saxon business culture has a lot of weight and is a guarantee. We’re playing the game, this is the final but the finals have to be won.”

When do we party?

“We no longer have to speak of a pipe dream. We are still working on finding investors for the project, and from the time that the statement was made that Paramount had chosen Murcia many have knocked on our door. Paramount is already working on defining the project and we hope that by January you can already see and touch. It is much more than a city of leisure, because they will imply hotel infrastructure, services …”

When will the Americans come to see the land on which the park could be located?

“Next month, soon. Alhama has priority, but today is not closed. Anyway, if they reject these grounds it would not be a major problem. The region has alot of land available, and more for this initiative.”

So, the Americans are coming on November 11th.. nice of them to wait until we return from our vacation. They will look at the master plan on the land and will give their seal of approval to Condado as the new home of Paramount. Excellent news for everyone in Murcia, along with other interesting projects and business initiatives the region will soon shine like the top of the Chrysler building…

Read the full interview

Paramount, The first Loop De Loop

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

The day started with doom and gloom as many reporters announced that the city of Murcia along with Jesus Samper had been accused and 3 people arrested for allegedly taking part in an urban corruption… amongst the alleged charges bought against these individuals, embezzlement of public funds, money laundering, and bribery, to name just a few. Jesus Samper has announced that he has been ordered to appear in court on October 15th. Mr Samper remains calm, as do the city officials involved, they are convinced that no criminal act has been committed and are eager to put this behind them and restore their good name.. We will have to wait for further news on this.

The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Pedro Alberto Cruz was busy trying to keep the buzz of Paramount going in a positive direction.

He announced today that in the near future, the Paramount project “will continue giving good news and there will be nothing and no one to stop it.

It seems that we can expect Loop De Loops on the journey to Paramount with so many political medals to be had at the end of the rainbow. The election is fast approaching in Murcia, who will win.. another thing we will have to wait and see.

No announcement has been made officially regarding the placement of the theme park but this is expected any day now.

Several Municipalities Offer Land For The Paramount Theme Park Project

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

The mayor of Alhama De Murcia, José Espadas and the investment group Resort Mediterranean Initiative (MRI), offers  Paramount Pictures the land it owns in Condado de Alhama II, totaling more than 6 million square meters. The infrastructure to support the park is in place along with the guarantee of sufficient water, something that cannot be overlooked when planning a project of this size. The major of Ulea also feels that the park could be placed on the 5 million square meters in his town which is North of Murcia, while Cartegena’s mayor offers the port area which he feels would also be perfect…

One thing, in Murcia there is no shortage of land for the multinational to choose from, of course at this point the land has already been chosen but will remain a secret for the time being under the confidentiality agreement signed.

El proyecto de la multinacional Paramount de construir en la Región de Murcia un parque temático que compitiera de forma directa con Eurodisney y que crearía 20.000 puestos de trabajo, 15.000 plazas de hotel gracias al flujo de tres millones de turistas al año, ha generado desde febrero, fecha en la que se anunció el protecto, un aluvión de respuestas de municipios, empresas y hasta particulares, que ofrecen terrenos y facilidades para que el maná del parque temático caiga sobre sus cabezas.

El alcalde de Alhama, José Espadas, aseguróen su día que el grupo inversor Iniciativa Resort Mediterráneo (IRM), quiere que la Paramount Pictures se instale en los terrenos que posee en Condado de Alhama II, que suman más de 6 millones de metros cuadrados. Por su parte, el alcalde de Ulea, Jesús Bolarín, afirmó en marzo que el municipio cuenta con el «firme compromiso» de un grupo inversor regional que posee cinco millones de metros cuadrados en el paraje de El Apeadero para albergar el futuro parque.

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Paramount Project for Murcia “Not Just A Promise in the Air”

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Today Pedro Alberto Cruz, the Minister of Culture and Tourism in Murcia told National Radio in Spain, “The project to build a theme park and a film studio in Murcia by Paramount Pictures are not promises in the air, but something that actually has pretty solid foundation.”

He asks for a little peace in the media in order for Murcia and Paramount to keep negotiations on track but adds,

“Hopefully in the coming months we can say we have signed with Paramount Pictures and this has ceased to become a dream and has now become a reality.”

I think following this radio announcement we may see a quite spell in the media, but quite does not mean not happening. If it does goes quite we will continue to search and when an announcement is made we will bring you the news as it happens.

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