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How to make more money out of your rental property.

Monday, December 9th, 2013

Ecotech have a special offer on electric card meters. Buy now before December 31st to receive a massive discount.

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Learn how much you can save. If you have a rental apartment it just makes sense.

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Get yours now!

AC Guard card meters will make you money in your rental apartment.

You can be sure that if you rent your apartment, whatever your bill is, most of it is air conditioning/heating. Also most of the bills you receive that are abnormally high, will certainly be a direct result of aircon/heating misuse.

These are examples of Air Conditioning systems where we fitted meters on the air conditioning system only. We can also use the AC Guard meter to make chargeable all the electricity in your apartment. Which means even more savings.

Example 1:

Based on a standard apartment in Condado De Alhama, in Alhama de Murcia.

IC card meter once installed saved our client €97.20 euros a month. This is calculated based on a split system inverter (eco) air conditioning system with three bedrooms running approximately 6 hours a day/night.

This is a saving of €388.80 over a 4 month period.

However, this client also had a particularly high bill in August when tenants were using the apartment of €240 euro. Her standard bill is €60 a month, but she chooses not to use the aircon.

This means her savings for this 4 month period was €471.60 as her clients pay if they forget or choose not to turn off the air conditioning.

Example 2:

This example is based on a two bedroom apartment in Camposol, Mazarron.

It had a split system, inverter units (eco)with two bedrooms. Our AC Guard card meter saved him €302.90 over 4 months.

Example 3:

Example three was of a 4 bedroom villa in Corvera golf.

He saved €468.80 calculated over a 4 month period.

It is easy to calculate your own savings.

Simply look on the side of your air conditioning units and check the KW rating. A split system which is fitted in each room uses about 1KW per room.

1KWH = 0.18c This means you pay 18c an hour per unit.

4 rooms

0.18c x 4 = 0.72c an hour.

Estimated to be on 6 hours a day.

0.72c x 6 = €4.32 a day.

Multiplied by 4 months over a year.

€4.32 x 112 = €483.84

Now you need to consider if your tenants tend to leave the system on for longer periods of time, for instance through the night.

If your tenants use the air conditioning all night in the summer (12hours) with example #3 of 4 bedrooms, the air conditioning could cost €259.20 for one month.

Now consider if your tenant keeps it on all the time, or puts it on a very cold setting making it much less efficient. This could cost €518.84 over a whole month.

When your clients can see how much they are spending they are likely to limit their usage quite a bit also. A lot of us just don’t realize how much it actually costs. We have all been guilty of over using the air conditioning or heating when holiday.

If your interested in us making these calculations for you, simply email us!

We only need to know roughly when you bought the units and what rooms you have air conditioning fitted. Charging for air conditioning and heating is common practice within the property rental industry all over the world. Our product makes it all to simple for you and your management company. 

T: 0034 673 576 441



Quote this reference number to receive your discount: CDAS31