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San Javier will close! Final decision…well to civilians anyway.

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

The little airport so many Murcia travelers enjoy will soon be a thing of the past unless you come in on a fighter plane.

San Javier will see the last of it’s holiday makers next year when the new and improved Murcia airport Corvera opens to the public around Easter (Spanish) time. 700,000 travellers passed through the doors of San Javier last year, which was down on the year before but, there was a split of traffic visiting the Murcia area that chose to fly into Alicante and take the one hour drive down to Murcia for cheaper flight offers.

Aena, will move it’s 80 employees to Corvera International when it opens soon.

This is the first step in exciting times for Murcia and owners of Condado De Alhama which sits bang in the middle of so many developments. The airport is nearly ready to open, the AVE train is on it’s way and Paramount is just around the corner. That is without all the good news we will have for the resort itself…

Corvera Airport Update

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

Yesterday we took a drive out to Corvera to see the developments over the last month and we were really quiet impressed. The terminal is starting to look like more than a shell and the surrounding infrastructure has come along leaps and bounds. It was a muddy wet day to be taking the dirt road to the viewing point but well worth the trip.

The government have now started recruiting for training the local people for work at the airport. The training offer includes 12 courses with different profiles, such as airport security guard, maintenance technician CGA, ramp service agents, airport cleaning, airport security, airport services administration, dependent hubs, firefighter, or personal to care for people with reduced mobility. People interested can sign up now to enroll in a maximum of 3 courses to being in May. To qualify to attend the courses, you must be registered unemployed in Spain.

While the project still has a long way to go to open by the end of the year the government seems anxious to meet the deadline and if you visit the build site, you will see they are pulling out all the stops. Work has begun on the inside of the terminal and the glass is closing the building in so we should see a big difference the next time we visit. This airport once opened, will be the closest airport to Condado De Alhama, and is expected to handle the new found international interest in the region of Murcia Spain. We will update this project again in a month.

Thursday Night LIVE from Condado De Alhama at 9PM local time

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Our Thursday night live from Condado will feature some excellent footage of the new Corvera Airport being built in Murcia Spain. We will kick off at 9PM with resort news, our golf trivia tonight is all about Condado, sign in to play and win a box of golf balls during the live show.

It is supposed to be a little warmer tonight so we look forward to answering any questions you have and sharing with you our week on Condado.


Government says new airport will open in 2011

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

The government of Murcia has announced that the new Corvera International Airport will open as planned in 2011. Approximately 500 people including engineers, electricians, managers and construction workers have been working around the clock in three shifts since July to get the new International airport open for next year. The airport is now beginning to take shape and the control tower and terminal are progressing at ….lightning speed. The runways are also now visible and soon tenders wishing to open businesses in the new terminal will be invited.

San Javier airport do not seem to be worried about this new addition to Murcia, they are also investing more money to expand and enhance their facilities. Many people will still choose to fly into little Murcia, for its small and easy to use terminal.

Murcia New International Corvera Airport To Complete Soon….

Friday, June 11th, 2010


Today exciting  news came from Brussels EU headquarters as news that they have approved the loan for Murcias International airport Corvera. This is welcome news for all Polaris World owners as the airport sits in the middle of all the golf resorts and will make travel to the resorts much more convenient.

The construction that is well under way had slowed almost to a halt as the city waited for approval from the EU that the loan offered was in fact legal and that the funds could be released. The EU have deemed that in fact it is legal and now with that word we will see the airport construction continue and the pace pick up. Of course it is behind schedule, what schedule it is behind with we will have to wait and see, there have been many expected completion dates over the months. The regional government has spoken several times of the day of June 2011 deadline for completing the work of the Airport, although the infrastructure could suffer another delay after the four months that the European Union has been slow to authorize the endorsement of Autonomous Region to the company.

And the unhappy farmers?? No news on them yet but lets hope that the families affected by this development are treated fairly for the land they have had to give up.


Corvera Airport Farmers Plough the runway.

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

A follow up to the story we wrote last week explaining how unhappy farmers planned to sieze back their land at Corvera Airport. Well true to their word the unhappy farmers took their tractors into the building site and began to plough, and plough they did, cutting through what will one day be the runway, if the contractor can settle this dispute and Belgium EU officials give the go ahead to what is already almost an airport. They did not plant olive trees, or almonds but they did plant a statement. One that clearly gave the message that they want a fair price for their land. The autonomous rate for the land is 12-15 Euros a meter, while they are being offered way below value at only 1.41 Euros.

Meanwhile work continues on the control tower and concourse.

Corvera Airport update.

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Tomorrow morning at 10.30 the farmers that were forced from their land to make way for the new International airport at Corvera, Murcia Spain will seize back their land. The angry farmers will be taking in their tractors and farm implements to restart cultivation, after the “failure” of the repeated negotiations for the payment of compensation.

This is all happening while Murcia still waits to hear from Brussels as to whether the loan guarantee that was put in place was legal. With construction of the new airport continuing, should be interesting to see how this is going to play out.