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Paramount Murcia “The park will be launched in 2015. “

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

Paramount Murcia Entrance

Paramount Park news continues this week as the Minister of Tourism and Culture, Pedro Alberto Cruz, expressed yesterday during the presentation of the Easter Mining Union, the future of the Paramount park “I speak with full knowledge of what I say.”

He acknowledged that the start of construction was delayed by two months, which was due to the approval of the City Council special plan Alhama. “In about two weeks, work will start.” when asked about funding, Cruz said that both the leaders of Paramount as the local promoter, with which I meet weekly, are calm, “Jesus Samper has several alternatives for raising the necessary funds.”

Those responsible for the multinational park are committed to the progress of the project in Alhama, “The park will be launched in 2015. “

It seems the beginning of this project becoming reality is just around the corner, literally.

Paramount to begin construction 15th January 2013

Friday, November 16th, 2012

It has been announced that The Paramount Park in Murcia will begin construction on 15th January 2013. This is wonderful news for everyone, a date for the start of construction. It has been marked as a turning point in the perception of the project.

“We will continue to meet all the milestones.”

The counsellor, who recently travelled to New York with Jesus Samper to take part in many meetings with potential investors is certain that, “investors are coming” there is no deadline for attracting investors, they are coming. ” We are fully convinced that this is the time to invest in leisure “ . “Future is leisure”

Paramount has emphasized support for the project in the Murcia region “it is a priority for Europe we are completely calm”

The local government are under criticism of course as they try and pull this mammoth project together. To ask for job creation and to ask for wealth and then to call our efforts not realistic is not fair and does not support the community. “It is a contradiction in the extreme” , he has told Europa Press , “I do not understand these words” , it is, according to Pedro Alberto Cruz , an “absolute disloyalty to Murcia investments and to all the effort that is being made”

For some, the dream of working on this project will become a reality, as jobs will be created by this project at the start of next year.

Whenever someone tries to do something great, it always makes some people nervous. I have been following this project on this website for nearly 2 years now, I have remained positive that this project will come to fruition, for me it is the only way to be. It is better to say, I was wrong than to damn anything before it even gets started.

There is a big need for jobs in Spain and if Paramount Murcia opens, as I think it will, Condado owners and the whole Murcia region will see big financial changes and stability.

Congratulations to Alhama and all involved for bringing this project another step closer.

Murcia President comments on Paramount London

Monday, October 22nd, 2012
The President of the Region of Murcia, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, said today that the 30 million euros invested in land for the Paramount theme park in Murcia, is a “much more solid” investment than that in London.

Mr Valcárcel, at the SabadellCAM La Verdad news conference, added that in the case of London, if it was to materialize, “it would not be competition for Murcia, which enjoys 300 days of sunshine, but may be competition for Disney-Paris which shares 300 days of rain with London. imagine the park under the fog, “he joked.
So there you have it, Murcia does not seem to be concerned about Paramount Park, London. Again rumours have begun circulating that Paramount Murcia has been cancelled. This is not the case. Premursa continues to work with Alhama De Murcia and every one concerned with the project remains determined to see it materialize. It is true though that finding investors is still a problem with the current economy in Spain.
When asked about the airport, Corvera, Ramón Luis Valcárcel said it will be open in late Spring 2013, he could not give an actual date as the timing was not in his hands, but he was sure the paperwork era would be complete by then and the airport would open. Corvera will inherit the 1.3 million passengers from San Javier as well as incorporate the announced flights.

Paramount Murcia…Flags and jobs..a good leap into June

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

The time has come…The Paramount Theme Park project launch will take place on Thursday at 1pm on the site for the new project. Already the flags are up and the spirit is high in Murcia.

Following the opening of the project by the mayor of Alhama the construction will begin, starting with land moving and access to the site. Paramount theme park in Alhama brings an opportunity to work for many local citizens, who will find it easier in June, as the job market opens for this project. This was stated yesterday by the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Pedro Alberto Cruz,..also planned for the month of June, offers to the many suppliers needed for the development of the project.

Keeping on time, they plan to have completed the project and open the doors to the public in April 2015.

The construction of the park will also bring opportunity soon to Condado De Alhama, only 4 km from the proposed site it is expected that we will see a rise in rental opportunities for our owners. It is an exciting time in Murcia and an exciting time for the owners of Condado De Alhama.

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Friday, February 24th, 2012

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Paramount Murcia. Another Step…

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

The Paramount Park project hit the news again this week with the announcement that Premursa were going to go ahead now with the option to purchase the land for the Paramount Park. The announcement confirmed that the project will commence in the first part of 2012 and complete Easter 2015.

The City Council of Alhama de Murcia has lifted the mandatory public disclosure Plan and Environmental Sustainability Report. They report that the multinational future park Paramount is planning to build in the town. The notice is released in the Murcia Gazette giving affected residents 45 days to consider and lodge complaint against the project, the 45 days begins from the day of publication.

Alhama Mayor Alfonso Ceron Fernandez said yesterday that next week the plan will be unveiled in full at a press conference, which will be presented by  Jesus Samper, president of flagship projects Premursa. At his time, the major announced we will present all the data. The Paramount Park project is taking it´s final steps to it´s installation in Alhama with everyone involved confident in the outcome and doing their part.

The paperwork stages appear to be coming to an end, next comes the good part….the building and the opening of Spains largest and best Theme Park and Lifestyle center right here, in Alhama De Murcia Easter 2015.

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Monday, October 31st, 2011

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Paramount Murcia Video Presentation released in ENGLISH

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011


What an exciting day for all of Spain, but even more so for Murcia. The plans, time plan and investment details are released in Madrid today and the long awaiting video presentation is in.. CLICK ABOVE to view right here.

In just three and a half years April 2015 if all goes as planned, the town of Alhama de Murcia will become a real movie set when it opens its doors of the Paramount Park complex and, the Life Style Center , in what will be the first theme park of this type in Europe. Once visitors cross the threshold into Paramount, everything will be a virtual dream in movie land.

The park is built around the Paseo and Paramount, as well as numerous attractions of all kinds, will have four themed areas. We start with the City of Aventura , featuring Mission Impossible , and, of course, Titanic , an attraction on all four cylinders!

The tour continues in the Far West , featuring many of the films of Paramount with 4D graphics, and enjoy attractions like the roller coaster Spirit of the West Mine. The next step would be wooded Fantasy , an area specially designed for children, who can practice magic or interact in The Spiderwick Chronicles . Occasionally there will also be a gallop of the Headless Horseman from Sleepy Hollow . The fourth area is Plaza Futura which will be devoted to science fiction, interstellar travel with the ship Enterprise in Star Trek.

The park will also have hotels, souvenir shops and restaurants, all themed to Paramount.

Paramount Park is complemented and completed by the Life Style Center, a large complex dedicated to the cultural, entertainment and leisure business. They will build  seven hotels and a great shopping and restaurant area, an exhibition and congress hall and an auditorium.

The total pricetag for the project is 1,093,800,000 euros, the park will occupy 550,000 square meters to which we must add the 1.03 million meters square for the Life Style Center.

The initiative for this project came from the Government of the Region of Murcia and the company Premursa (Murcianos Great projects) will be responsible for carrying it out.

The idea underlying this priority effort is to revitalize the region through increased tourism. They expect about three million visitors annually and will create 22,601 jobs directly and indirectly.

Like we said it is going to be an interesting winter… Smile, it´s all good.

Paramount Murcia, construction will begin February 2012

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

Paramount Murcia Entrance

The news on the New Generation theme park Paramount to be constructed in Alhama De Murcia, just 4 KM from Condado De Alhama is nothing but great. The new Paramount Park will begin to build with an initial investment of 300 million in February 2012. This is the time that the local government will have completed the urban planning phase giving way to the final preparation phase of construction.

Alhama De Murcia was visited this week by a Russian gaming billionaire who has shown extreme interest in financing the project. Earlier this year there was also a meeting in Madrid with the embassy of China in relation to investing in the massive project. With the feasibility study that was completed favorably for Paramount Murcia the project is on the right road.

They have announced this week that they expect the park to be complete a year ahead of schedule in 2014 to coincide with the completion and opening of the AVE high speed train into Alhama De Murcia. The government have defended Corvera International again by stating that this project would not have gone ahead and been possible without it. The airport is on schedule to open in the spring of 2012.

With all the good things coming out of Condado De Alhama and Murcia, it is going to be hard for that glass to stay empty for too much longer.

Paramount Theme Park “In the detail stage”

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Paramount Murcia Entrance

A feasibility study on the project has now been completed favorably and the Paramount Theme park moves ahead into the “detail Phase”.

Jesus Samper and his team have recently traveled to Hollywood to hold a meeting with the heads of Paramount Pictures to evaluate the progress of the project and outline the ‘road show’ to be launched in September with the aim of raising awareness of the future theme park that built in Alhama de Murcia and attract investors.

The feasibility study will be sent to all major business centers around the world.

The study includes the collection of data on the current and future hotel capacity in the region, tourism development plans, golf courses, cruise traffic in Cartagena and communication networks, with an eye on the new airport and the AVE train to be operating in 2012 and completed in 2014.

“Our aim is that the theme park is running in 2015 and that the region becomes a world tourism destination.”

The group have been working with the Alhama De Murcia council and have reported that there are no setbacks with the urban paperwork and everything is moving along very well.

For Condado De Alhama owners and the residents of Murcia on a whole the news of this project reaching another goalpost is excellent. The resort will benefit from the tourism generated from the project as will all the surrounding areas. Mazarron have revamped it’s promenade and Bolnuevo is working to complete theirs which is under construction now.