Keep Our Resort Beautiful

Keeping our resort beautiful is something we all must make an effort to do. It is important that as you upgrade and renew your apartment furniture that you dispose of your unwanted items in the correct place. Our administrator and presidents have arranged for 2 clean areas for your convenience. Tucked away between gardens 6 and 7 in Naranjos and close to the sports centre in the jardines you will find a big dumpster just for this purpose. If you don´t have a car to put your items in to move them…get creative, as Brendon and Nicola did moving a bed on took a little effort but we got there in the end. Push it, pull it, wheel it…we don´t care how you get there…just get there if you can.

If your items are deemed too good to go to the dumpster and you would like it collected we can help arrange collection by Noahs Ark, animal shelter who are desperate for donations. For more information contact me for the phone number to call.

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brendon clean space
brendon clean space

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