Fiesta Time at Condado De Alhama MEDIEVAL MARKET

It is fiesta time again at Condado De Alhama.

Program for the Fiesta 2011

August 12th, 13th, 14th at Condado De Alhama will be fun packed with plenty of entertainment to suit everyone. The main theme of this fiesta will the Medieval Market, already busy tonight setting the scene. The market will include 40 vendors and will be located around the water feature in the Al Kasar. This fiesta has been organized and put together by Mileniun with the help of some of the residents at Condado.

The program for the event is as follows.


10.30 Am. Marching band will open the fiesta by visiting every garden, first in Naranjos, collecting people on their way around and leading them to Al Kasar. Once the residents of Naranjos has been rounded up they will head for the jardines. All residents should arrive at Al Kasar by 11.30am

10.30 Am. On the football pitches, a football tournament will start, this is a drop in session, parents should accompany their children and provide them with water. It is free to play.

11.00 Am Tapas and a drink. 2 Euros at the Clover Bar


11.30 Am. Aqua aerobics. Naranjos 5 Swimming pool

1.00 Pm Spanish wine tasting. Wine or beer with tapa 2 Euros

6.00 Pm. Childrens workshop. Children come to the office next door to Mileniun where they will learn a dance to perform in Sunday nights Condado Concert. The childrens workshop will be at 6pm every day. Children and parents should try to make a costume for the performance with an Arabian theme.

Live entertainment at the Al Kasar will start at 10pm on the big outside stage.


11.00 Am Football on the football pitches

The Medieval market will continue throughout the day with plenty to see and do. Enjoy the Clover and the atmosphere and bring an umbrella it is set to be a hot one.

6.00 Pm. Childrens workshop and rehearsal for Sunday’s concert.

10.00 Pm Karaoke and Dancer girls..



12.00 Pm Tapas and Flamenco at Al Kasar

8.00 Pm Presentations on the main stage at Al Kasar

9.00 Pm Performance by the Children of Condado. A big night for the kids on the big stage!!

9.30 Pm Live Music with the band BACK WATER


Mid Night. Live Rock Band Sharabia, close the fiesta.

What a line up of entertainment we have for everyone lucky enough to be at Condado this week.

We will bring you updates as we go through the days with plenty of pictures and video of the events.

ENJOY your fiesta Condado De Alhama and remember at the end of it all, 3 cheers go out to Mileniun Levante who have put a lot of time and effort into making Condado a place people will want to come back to again and again.

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Program for the Fiesta 2011

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