The team at the newly designed LA CATA Condado de Alhama

Art Escapes 1 day workshop for Monday 27th July

Author James Raven of Condado De Alhama NEW RELEASE

The team at the newly designed LA CATA Condado de Alhama

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The owners at La Cata restaurant, Condado de Alhama have been busy through the winter months getting everything just perfect for this holiday season. With a brand new decor inside and delicious new items on the Menu La Cata has never been better.




Air conditioned dining inside and a full canopy outside offering all day shade and shelter from the windy afternoons.



Francesc invites you to La Cata

So much for visitors to enjoy at the centre of  Condado de Alhama, if you haven´t been lately make an evening of it.


All Located and open now to the public at Al Kasar, Condado De Alhama Exit 5 off the RM23.

al kasar




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Art Escapes 1 day workshop for Monday 27th July

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1 day workshop


Art Escapes ….  1 day summer workshop 27th July with Helen Parsliffe. A day of Art, not to miss. The workshop will be held at The Clover Bar, Al Kasar. 


Even though anyone wishing to join us can turn up on the day, it would be advisable to contact Art Escapes and reserve a place for the day as number may be restricted.

If you can´t make the summer workshop there will be another opportunity to join in as Artscape Painting & Sketching holidays are back on Condado De Alhama later in the year  as well . 
24th – 31st October 2015 with professional  artist Helen Parsliffe.
Art Escapes
This is a Painting and sketching holiday ideal for absolute beginners who have never held a paint brush before or sat outside and sketched to the experienced painters.
Jackie Martinique of Jardines 8 and owner of Artscapes explains, “Helen likes to experiment with a cross section of mediums in order to encapsulate the essence of my subject matter and maximize my creativity. This includes the use of many print processes such as photo-transfer and etchings. Her real love however, is for drawing and I have recently enjoyed creating images using pen and water colour washes.”
There will be a 1 day workshop held in October for anyone who wishes to join us,
 Even though anyone wishing to join us can turn up on the day, it would be advisable to contact Art Escapes and reserve a place for the day as number may be restricted.
You can find all the details along with contact information at  art-escapes.co.uk

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Author James Raven of Condado De Alhama NEW RELEASE

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A new book by crime novelist James Raven, who has an apartment on Condado, has just been published. Dying Wish is about sinister events in Britain’s ancient New Forest National Park.

The book, his tenth, has already attracted positive reviews:

‘Thoroughly enjoyable, no frills, no nonsense, just good old detective work in Modern Britain. Superb.’ Books Monthly.

‘Dying Wish will entertain fans of the genre. The narrative rattles on at a decent pace, and there is a very clever plot twist at the end – one which experienced crime fiction readers may well be able to see coming,’ Crime Fiction Lover.

‘This one kept me on the edge of my seat and was super interesting,’ Books and Ladders.

James wrote much of the book during several stays on Condado last summer.

‘I love working on the resort because of the peace a quiet, and when I get fed up with writing I go and have a swim,’ he told us.


Dying Wish, published by Robert Hale, is available as an ebook and hardback from most online stores including Amazon:


James’s next book is due out next January. It’s called The Blogger and details can be found at:


Its 44 degrees today, a good book and the swimming pool or beach. What could be better.

Congratulations James on your new release.



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Saturday evening market at Condado De Alhama

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Last night saw the opening of the Condado De Alhama summer Saturday night street market. This year the market is located on the outer ring road just to the side of the security entrance by Al Kasar. The market works well in this location following previous years of being inside the resort gates and it is hoped that it will attract more visitors from neighbouring resorts and villages, although this was not the reason for the change in location. As Al Kasar changes ownership it was not possible for IRM to give permission for the use of their parking area. The bars and restaurants seemed busy by 8pm so hopefully this move will not affect business to our bars and restaurants which last year saw greatly increased numbers on market days.

IMG_3436 (1)



If you re a visitor to the market make an evening of it and come through the gates to Al Kasar and see whats new this year. We chose to enjoy our meal last night in the new Indian Tapas lounge bar, Funky Monkey which was great food and service as always but there are so many great places to choose to eat in Al Kasar this year everyone will be able to find just what they are looking for.

Don’t forget, also new this year we have Maries Bokao, serving great food all day, starting in the mornings with a new breakfast buffet. The ice Cream parlour is now open everyday and has a new fresh baked pizza bar, well worth a visit. El Rincon, bakery and cafe also open daily from 7am with fresh bread, coffees and pastries. Big G´s have a fabulous American menu with daily fresh Cheese cakes to temp you and so much more.

Condado has come so far again this year and things are set to continue getting better and better. Enjoy the summer season of 2015 come on down to Al Kasar, Condado De Alhama.


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El Puerto De La Cata, fabulous and now open on Condado De Alhama

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El Puerto De La Cata is now open on Condado De Alhama. What a fabulous bar. Underwater themed Spanish Tapas lounge bar, a perfect setting for a great night out on Condado.



The bar I am sure will be popular with the younger generation on Condado also, fun and trendy with a games room at the back.



The lounge bar opened last night at 6pm and will now be open daily till late. I loved it, we had some delicious tapas. Well done to the owners of La Cata for this new bar.

IMG_3433 (2)


If you are planning to visit the Condado De Alhama street market this Saturday on the outer ring road of the resort be sure to make a night of it at Al Kasar, visitors always welcome at Al Kasar to visit the bars and restaurants. So much new to celebrate this year on Condado.  All the bars and restaurants are doing a great job and this is a great addition. Everything is set for the season to begin.

Today, the new pizza and ice cream parlour opens with their fresh baked pizza menu under new management of Lynn, Neil Paul and Rachel from the Clover and Condado Club and Maries Bokao beginning their breakfast buffet. Have a wonderful Condado day!



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Important changes to your electricity bills beginning July 1st

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ELECTRICITY for homes and small businesses will be charged by the hour from July 1, meaning peak and off-peak rates will apply to everyone and not just those who have applied for the so-called ‘white tariff’ where costs differ throughout the day and night.

All premises which have a digital, remotely-managed meter will automatically be switched to the hourly charge system, and the cost of each day’s consumption will appear online from 20.15hrs for customers to check.

Where a digital meter has not yet been fitted, the electricity board, Iberdrola, has until October 1 to do so.

The hourly tariff will apply to all those with a power supply of less than 10kW.

It will allow customers to calculate more easily which appliances use up more energy and to what extent, because they will be able to compare online what they use each day and relate it to the white goods, lights, boilers, or other gagdets they have had in use.

This has come about after Spain’s ‘business police’, the National Commission of Markets and Competition complained that the new meters, being rolled out across the country, did not allow customers to tell in real time how much electricity they were using unless they literally sat in front of them all day.

The price per kilowatt (kW) of power used per hour only affects 37% of the consumer’s bill, whilst 25% relates to taxes including IVA, and the remaining 38% are standing charges.

New hourly tariffs can only be administered by commercial suppliers Iberdrola, Endesa, Gas Natural Fenosa, EDP España and E.ON España, but other utility companies are allowed to get on board provided they do so before the end of this year.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR OWNERS OF HOLIDAY HOMES, LIKE THOSE ON CONDADO DE ALHAMA? Well, quiet simply it means if you use your air con during peak daytime hours your costs will be much higher. If you have guests in your apartment you will not be able to monitor this.

It is a good idea to implement an air con meter to control your costs. These digital meters can be installed in the apartment by ECOTECH and allow you to take air con costs out the equation when renting or allowing family to use your apartment. Your guest will buy a credit card from your key holder, once the credit expires they can either buy more credit or decide to do without air conditioning. Either way, you are protected. You can read more about these meters by clicking below.

This is a saving Im sure for locals, but for tourists that need air conditioning in the heat of the day (peak hours) its not going to spell. Saving.






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El Puerto De Mazarrón. Ready and waiting.

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El Puerto de Mazarron is a big favourite with all the visitors to the area of Murcia and Condado De Alhama. Over the years we have seen lots of improvements with new restaurants, restorations and activities being offered.


A sign of the start of the season is the sun beds being placed on the beach and all the wooden bars open along the whole of the coastline. Everything is placed and ready but it is still quiet, miles of beaches sit empty just waiting for the rush. If you love good food, good wine and peace you will love Mazarron in June. Average daily temperatures this week hover around 28 – 30 degrees.


Enjoy boat trips to see the dolphins or visit the surrounding coves, boat and jet ski hire available for July and August from El puerto.




El Puerto De Mazarrón, ready and waiting.

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Are you a Funky Monkey … enjoy our new tapas lounge bar.

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Funky Monkey, Condado’s new tapas lounge bar has been really welcomed and highly rated since it opened just a few weeks ago in Al Kasar.


Funky monkey is a stylish lounge bar with excellent attentive staff serving authentic indian tapas. Sit and relax on the sofas while enjoying some of the best Indian dishes in the area.


Choose your beverage, pick your tapas and enjoy the atmosphere at Funky Monkey.




Funky Monkey is a must visit for the food, the service, and the atmosphere.

We wish Darren and his staff all the best in this new venture.

Find the Funky Monkey next door to Restaurant Sofia, Al Kasar.

This week we will take a look at all the businesses operating in Al Kasar, Condado De Alhama.

I have watched this resort grow from nothing and to see where we are today is just brilliant. Condado De Alhama has something for everyone, young and old, we are also fortunate enough to have a great community working together to make this resort the best in the area.



Jill @ May 18, 2015

Only days left before ALL holders of bank accounts in Spain must register their ID with their banks

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Many owners on Condado have only days left to register a digital ID with their bank or face having their accounts frozen.

This is a new law that was passed in Spain in 2010 to prevent money laundering but 5 years later many banks have not got around to letting their account holders know what they need to do and the implications of not doing it. Basically all you need to do to simplify things is contact your bank before the end of the month and make sure they have your current passport. If you fail to do this the bank of Spain..(not your personal bank, don´t shout at the teller) can freeze your account and cancel your direct debits refusing to pay any bills. You will then have the headache and expense of setting them all up again and maybe even re connecting utilities. Of course, all costs incurred will be yours.

I don´t know if you can imagine the chaos this is causing not only to the clients but also to the banks. Many expats do not speak Spanish and simply delete text messages and e mails in a language they don´t understand.

YOU MANY NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING IF, you opened your bank account within the last 2 years, your bank SHOULD have automatically applied this new law to your account and you should be fine but I would take the time to check, especially as we are approaching the holiday season.

Another bright idea from the Spanish banking system :)


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Fashion Show at Intercontinental Hotel Mar Menor by Condado resident Debora Velasquez

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Friday 18th April saw a small number of residents invited to the fashion show and magazine launch of our very own resident on Condado de Alhama Debora Velasquez.

Debora with Melissa Zoe Joanie Leeanne and Lindsey from Eden Hair and Beauty Al Kasar

Debora with Melissa Zoe Joanie Leeanne and Lindsey from Eden Hair and Beauty Al Kasar

The fashion show was held with the beautiful back drop of the Intercontinental hotel, sponsored by Porsche with the models make-up and nails done by our very own Melissa from Eden Hair and beauty Al Kasar.

The evening began with a glass of bucks fizz before we were all invited to take our seats to enjoy this seasons fashion from Debora.

Iain and Leeanne Croarkin

Iain and Leeanne Croarkin

After which Debora´s magazine was handed out to all the invited guests. You browse through a copy over a coffee in El Rincon at Al Kasar.



Everyone invited had a great evening.  Well done Debora, congratulations and we wish you all the success.



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