Ice Skating for everyone at Puerto De Mazarrón

Lets Party! Special events to welcome you back to Condado 2015!

Corvera Airport reported to be opening April 2nd ….

Ice Skating for everyone at Puerto De Mazarrón

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Looking for something to do on a warm afternoon in Spain? How about some ice skating at puerto de Mazarrón. This ice skating rink truly is designed for everyone, for those of us that do better with nothing strapped to our feet..there are little zimmer frame like devises to help you manage.. and for the little ones not so sure about blades, little penguin buddies to help them around. Lots of fun being had down there as locals enjoy the not so icy conditions.

If you fancy something a little more relaxing you can run wild till your hearts content on one of the deserted beaches of Mazarrón and still find a couple of bars and restaurants open to serve you.



With such beautiful warm days its hard to believe that there is no one here enjoying it all.

This weekend on Condado visitors will be able to enjoy full sun days with temperatures around 20 degrees by mid day but expect those mornings and evenings to be chilly.



Today on Condado, isn´t it beautiful.

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Lets Party! Special events to welcome you back to Condado 2015!

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click here for all information x

After a warm and beautiful Christmas and New Year on Condado it is time to look into the near future and let you know about some special Party events that have been organised for you. Try and plan a visit to attend. Party weekend kicks off on Friday 27th March with a GREASE themed Lets Rock Condado party, hosted at Big Gs American diner. Dress to Impress and enjoy the  night with DJ Michelle. Tickets are 5€ and includes a buffet. Tickets for this event must be booked in advance with Big Gs.

Saturday 28th March, Caribbean Island Cruise party to be hosted at The Condado Club, with a cocktail reception A caribbean Market stall and entertainment by Barrington, the night is bound to be a success and lots of fun. Tickets again must be ordered in advance, tickets are 6€ for this event and include a Caribbean buffet. No tickets will be available on the night. Tickets available at The Condado Club.

Sunday 29th March, Dress to impress and get ready to boogie in the land of make believe at The Clover Bar for a Tribute to the decades. 60′s to 80′s charity night with music by Nigel Burchill and a DJ. Free admission for this night with a raffle, tom bola and an auction with proceeds going to CPR.


These events have been organised by resident Gwen D’souza and the organisers or CPR.

Sounds like fun? Book a weekend away in the sun and join in the party at Condado De Alhama.

sun and fun



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Corvera Airport reported to be opening April 2nd ….

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This video was released this month by the Murcia tourist board to preview the new Corvera airport to open on April 2nd. Ryanair, air Europa and Air Berlin all reported as being interested and in negotiations with Corvera.

As you watch and I am sure enjoy the short movie remember elections for regional parties takes place in May 2015 so there are lots of stories with different conflicting news making it impossible to know what is really going on with this or any other project.

Is it politics or is Corvera opening April 2nd 2015? We will have to wait and see.

The one thing about Spanish politics is they keep life exciting, opening and start dates of their star projects are always just a few months ahead, when these dates come and go there is another date published for you to be excited about.

I hope for Condado and for Murcia that this airport opens soon, only 20 minutes from the resort it will no doubt make short trips to Condado a lot more viable for many people.


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An evening of Clairvoyance this Tuesday

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Anne Marie Blyth, a very popular clairvoyant and medium in Murcia will be appearing for one night only for a full evening of clairvoyance on Tuesday 18th November at The Social club, Cañadas Del Romero starting at 7.30pm (doors open 7.00am) The club is just a 5 minute drive from Condado De Alhama and the bar is open beforehand and during the interval.
If you have not seen trained Mediums working before it is a most enjoyable, happy, thought-provoking experience and gives an insight into what to expect at private sittings: so come along and enjoy!
Tickets are just €5.  This event will be a fund raiser to raise  money for the Beacon of Light Spiritual Centre.
If you would like to buy a ticket contact us and we will reserve one for you. vip@condadodealhamaservices.com

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Suspension of CPR service

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This article has been submitted to us by CPR secretary Alicia Saunders.

CPR has been running its emergency medical service, 24 hours, 7 days a week for a year now but at present we only have 5 responders so we cannot maintain this service.  From the beginning of November, we have reduced the 24 hour call out service to a limited number of days and run a telephone advice service when responders are not available.  The reduced service will remain until we can train more volunteers and as yet we do not have enough responders to run a training course.  For information the responder rota will be published on the CPR website each week.

We desperately need volunteers to train as responders. We have the money to pay for volunteers to be trained as Responders as Condado owners are very generous.  If you value the CPR service, especially if you are a resident, it is time to come forward and volunteer so that we can return to the emergency call out service 24/7. If we don’t receive any more volunteers we won’t be able to offer any service in the summer.  The more volunteers we have the less of a burden it becomes.

So please, seriously consider our plea. If you are interested in becoming a Responder or help with CPR please contact Eliza at rotamanager@cprcondado.com



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Pamper yourself and relax at EDEN hair and beauty Al Kasar

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Eden Hair and Beauty celebrated their first birthday on Condado De Alhama this week by opening their brand new relaxation rooms to expand their services to their customers.

Eden are now offering special spa packages that you are going to love, well who doesn´t love relaxation and a little pampering.

Spa pamper sessions start at just 40€ and treatments include facials, massage, nails, hair and a full range of beauty treatments. You can even plan your own spa day and customise it to suit you or your group, in fact, come with your friends (4 people) and enjoy a free bottle of cava to put you in the mood.

The relaxation ritual package will have you spending a lovely pamper day.

Start your day with a consultation by one of their beauty therapists, lounge around in a luxurious robe and slippers, your use for the day. Relax in the relaxation room to soft lights and music. Enjoy a De-stress facial or Bio Collagen facial, a full body relaxing massage or deep tissue massage with your choice of aromatic or chocolate fragrant oils. Enjoy a luxury manicure or pedicure followed by a light lunch. This deluxe package and day is only 90€.

Autumn is here and what better way to spend a day of your holiday.

November special offer! Shellac Manicure with a wash, cut and blow-dry 20€


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Bokao, Condado De Alhama new look Tapas Bar

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The new look Bokao, Condado De Alhama has been unveiled today. Bokao now has a new big screen TV, new decor and more importantly a new menu for you to try and enjoy. Bokao has been a favourite late night venue offering a party atmosphere into the early hours of the morning during the summer. The new Bokao will still serve the late night crowd some of Condados best cocktails but now with their new menu Bokao will offer you different tapas every day! Come and enjoy it and support them, opening daily from 12:30hrs till 15:30hrs for lunch and then from 18:00hrs until 22:00hrs for dinner. The bar will remain open for drinks into the little hours. Its so nice to see our businesses continuing to grow and improve their services and facilities.

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The end of a great holiday season on Condado De Alhama

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Summer 2014 has been long and wonderful. Condado De Alhama has seen it´s busiest summer and autumn to date with lots of new owners and visitors to the resort. Word has got out that Condado is a great holiday destination with people already making reservations to come back next summer.

The half term weather has been wonderful, for those that decided to take some autumn sunshine could not have been disappointed in the Costa Calida, with temperatures averaging in the mid to high 20´s daily. This weekend was the end of the busy season with most holiday makers leaving the resort but, vowing to return to Condado soon.

The restaurants of Al Kasar are going onto winter hours now, Bistro Sofia is now closed until March and Big Gs have new winter hours, opening for breakfast at 10am and evening dinner at 6pm but closing lunch times. La Cata have not announced their plans but we expect them to follow suit as the resort empties for the winter, along with Sabores, Le Troquet and Bokao. El Rincon, our friendly little corner cafe,  looks to be remaining open for the mornings closing at 3pm daily.

The Clover, and at the other side of the resort, The Condado Club will maintain their usual schedule not changing their opening hours for the winter season.

If you are planning a trip to Condado for Christmas, The Condado Club are serving Christmas dinner this year, contact them direct to make a reservation. thecondadoclub@hotmail.com

For your pleasure and relaxation, Eden Hair and Beauty will also remain open and are offering some great winter warmers and new treatments at the salon.

It has been great seeing old friends and making new ones this year. See you all again soon, and in the meantime we will keep trying to keep you in touch with Condado while you are gone.

Quote of the season. “This place is addictive”

I couldn’t agree more. xx

fiesta kids 2



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Are you a CUP CAKE QUEEN or King…

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CPR, Condado Primary Response have their autumn fair 26th October at The Condado Club this Sunday between 1pm-5pm with lots of activities and prizes for all the family to enjoy.

One competition that you are invited to take part in is the Cup Cake bake off. Bake your best cup cakes, (13 cakes) donating 12 to be sold to raise money for CPR, the 13th cake could win you a prize and crown you the Cup Cake Queen or King of Condado.

The judges will judge your cakes on taste, texture and appearance. To register your name and flavour contact Catherine Smith at cemmett-smith@hotmail.com

If you can´t bake, Im sure you can eat..so come along and enjoy the day, the weather is forecast beautiful so join in with the community and raise money for a great cause.

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Iain Sports and Games Club OPEN for the holidays

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kids club


As we prepare for the upcoming school holidays across Europe Iain would like you to know that he will be there to arrange activities with the kids. His sports and games club will be open and running from Saturday 18th October right through this holiday period.

Kids need to meet at the football pitch behind Al Kasar at 10:30am and the session will finish at 12:30pm. Two hours packed with fun and games. The cost is 5€ per child, 2 children  can come and join in for 8€ 3 children 10€. The kids will play, football, dodgeball, crab football, rugby, catch ball, crossbar, challenges, team relays penalty competitions and much much more.

Ages from 5 years to 16 years welcome. Parents rest assured, Iain Croakin is a qualified SFA sports coach and SCB checked. Enjoy two hours of peace this holiday PER day.

The weather is beautiful for the next 10 day forecast, during your holiday we can expect temperatures in the high 20´s with plenty of sunshine.


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