Are you a Funky Monkey … enjoy our new tapas lounge bar.

Only days left before ALL holders of bank accounts in Spain must register their ID with their banks

Fashion Show at Intercontinental Hotel Mar Menor by Condado resident Debora Velasquez

Are you a Funky Monkey … enjoy our new tapas lounge bar.

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Funky Monkey, Condado’s new tapas lounge bar has been really welcomed and highly rated since it opened just a few weeks ago in Al Kasar.


Funky monkey is a stylish lounge bar with excellent attentive staff serving authentic indian tapas. Sit and relax on the sofas while enjoying some of the best Indian dishes in the area.


Choose your beverage, pick your tapas and enjoy the atmosphere at Funky Monkey.




Funky Monkey is a must visit for the food, the service, and the atmosphere.

We wish Darren and his staff all the best in this new venture.

Find the Funky Monkey next door to Restaurant Sofia, Al Kasar.

This week we will take a look at all the businesses operating in Al Kasar, Condado De Alhama.

I have watched this resort grow from nothing and to see where we are today is just brilliant. Condado De Alhama has something for everyone, young and old, we are also fortunate enough to have a great community working together to make this resort the best in the area.



Jill @ May 18, 2015

Only days left before ALL holders of bank accounts in Spain must register their ID with their banks

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Many owners on Condado have only days left to register a digital ID with their bank or face having their accounts frozen.

This is a new law that was passed in Spain in 2010 to prevent money laundering but 5 years later many banks have not got around to letting their account holders know what they need to do and the implications of not doing it. Basically all you need to do to simplify things is contact your bank before the end of the month and make sure they have your current passport. If you fail to do this the bank of Spain..(not your personal bank, don´t shout at the teller) can freeze your account and cancel your direct debits refusing to pay any bills. You will then have the headache and expense of setting them all up again and maybe even re connecting utilities. Of course, all costs incurred will be yours.

I don´t know if you can imagine the chaos this is causing not only to the clients but also to the banks. Many expats do not speak Spanish and simply delete text messages and e mails in a language they don´t understand.

YOU MANY NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING IF, you opened your bank account within the last 2 years, your bank SHOULD have automatically applied this new law to your account and you should be fine but I would take the time to check, especially as we are approaching the holiday season.

Another bright idea from the Spanish banking system :)


admin @ April 25, 2015

Fashion Show at Intercontinental Hotel Mar Menor by Condado resident Debora Velasquez

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Friday 18th April saw a small number of residents invited to the fashion show and magazine launch of our very own resident on Condado de Alhama Debora Velasquez.

Debora with Melissa Zoe Joanie Leeanne and Lindsey from Eden Hair and Beauty Al Kasar

Debora with Melissa Zoe Joanie Leeanne and Lindsey from Eden Hair and Beauty Al Kasar

The fashion show was held with the beautiful back drop of the Intercontinental hotel, sponsored by Porsche with the models make-up and nails done by our very own Melissa from Eden Hair and beauty Al Kasar.

The evening began with a glass of bucks fizz before we were all invited to take our seats to enjoy this seasons fashion from Debora.

Iain and Leeanne Croarkin

Iain and Leeanne Croarkin

After which Debora´s magazine was handed out to all the invited guests. You browse through a copy over a coffee in El Rincon at Al Kasar.



Everyone invited had a great evening.  Well done Debora, congratulations and we wish you all the success.



admin @ April 21, 2015

THE FUNKY MONKEY coming to Al Kasar summer 2015!

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The Funky Monkey is a stylish Indian Tapas bar opening up soon at Condado De Alhama, Al Kasar. What better way to enjoy an evening than to sit in relaxed stylish surroundings accompanied by a drink and a tapa of your favourite Indian Dish.

I know this is going to be a very popular venue at Condado, authentic Indian tapas, how exciting. Opening is expected at the beginning of the summer season 2015.

admin @ March 10, 2015

A beautiful time in Murcia

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If you are planning a trip to Condado De Alhama, Murcia this week you will be thrilled with the beautiful weather we have for you. You can expect plenty of sunshine with temperatures in the mid to high 20´s.

Its a beautiful time of year in Murcia as the almond tree blossoms display themselves in the area, truly stunning against a blue sky.


This time of year is also a wonderful time to visit the national park of the  Sierra Espuña, with clear visibility you will be able to see Condado De Alhama from the mirador and all the surrounding areas. Hotel Mariposa, can be found in the village of Gebas, a beautiful place to enjoy lunch or a cocktail as you enjoy the scenery.

El puerto De Mazarrón is also stunning this time of year, secluded beaches and calm seas, with enough restaurants open along the boulevard to feed and water you.



What a beautiful place to call home or second home.

admin @ February 24, 2015

Big G´s now open for the season, check out the new Shakes and Cakes area.

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Big Gs Logo
Big G´s American diner have now re opened on Condado De Alhama following a short seasonal break to reveal their new  ’Big G’s Shakes & Cakes’
We are excited to be opening our new desserts section, called ‘Big G’s Shakes & Cakes’. This will soon have a fully stocked cake section, inc homemade cheesecake, cupcakes, muffins, donuts, and our speciality milkshakes. All our items in this section will be availble to eat in or takeaway.
After seeing the wide range of homemade cupcakes and cheesecakes in New York, this is something that will be putting alot of focus on. We hope afternoon tea and cakes at Big G’s will become a regularity.
Valentines day is coming and Big G´s American diner will have special romanic packages to warm anyones heart. The packages are by reservation only, you can click the image below for all the details and see instructions on how to make your reservation. The normal menu and walk in service also available on the night.
Valentines day2
Welcome back Big G´s, I hope you and your staff are well rested and ready to enjoy another successful and busy season on Condado De Alhama.

admin @ February 5, 2015

Restaurant Sofia re opens tonight in Al Kasar

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Restaurant Sofia will re open tonight in Al Kasar. The restaurant having undergone some nice renovations will introduce lots of new dishes this season to tempt you. Opening its doors tonight at 6pm they will be open now 7 nights a week.

Restaurant Sofia will be welcomed back this year as one of Condado’s favourite restaurants offering a wide selection of great quality food and entertainment. For the remainder of the winter season they will have a smaller menu on offer but still well worth a visit. The full menu along with all his new dishes will begin on April 1st.

Welcome back Darren and we hope you have a wonderful 2015 season on Condado De Alhama.

Al Kasar is open to the public so if you have never visited before, come on down.


admin @ February 3, 2015

Ice Skating for everyone at Puerto De Mazarrón

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Looking for something to do on a warm afternoon in Spain? How about some ice skating at puerto de Mazarrón. This ice skating rink truly is designed for everyone, for those of us that do better with nothing strapped to our feet..there are little zimmer frame like devises to help you manage.. and for the little ones not so sure about blades, little penguin buddies to help them around. Lots of fun being had down there as locals enjoy the not so icy conditions.

If you fancy something a little more relaxing you can run wild till your hearts content on one of the deserted beaches of Mazarrón and still find a couple of bars and restaurants open to serve you.



With such beautiful warm days its hard to believe that there is no one here enjoying it all.

This weekend on Condado visitors will be able to enjoy full sun days with temperatures around 20 degrees by mid day but expect those mornings and evenings to be chilly.



Today on Condado, isn´t it beautiful.

admin @ January 8, 2015

Lets Party! Special events to welcome you back to Condado 2015!

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click here for all information x

After a warm and beautiful Christmas and New Year on Condado it is time to look into the near future and let you know about some special Party events that have been organised for you. Try and plan a visit to attend. Party weekend kicks off on Friday 27th March with a GREASE themed Lets Rock Condado party, hosted at Big Gs American diner. Dress to Impress and enjoy the  night with DJ Michelle. Tickets are 5€ and includes a buffet. Tickets for this event must be booked in advance with Big Gs.

Saturday 28th March, Caribbean Island Cruise party to be hosted at The Condado Club, with a cocktail reception A caribbean Market stall and entertainment by Barrington, the night is bound to be a success and lots of fun. Tickets again must be ordered in advance, tickets are 6€ for this event and include a Caribbean buffet. No tickets will be available on the night. Tickets available at The Condado Club.

Sunday 29th March, Dress to impress and get ready to boogie in the land of make believe at The Clover Bar for a Tribute to the decades. 60′s to 80′s charity night with music by Nigel Burchill and a DJ. Free admission for this night with a raffle, tom bola and an auction with proceeds going to CPR.


These events have been organised by resident Gwen D’souza and the organisers or CPR.

Sounds like fun? Book a weekend away in the sun and join in the party at Condado De Alhama.

sun and fun



admin @ January 6, 2015

Corvera Airport reported to be opening April 2nd ….

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This video was released this month by the Murcia tourist board to preview the new Corvera airport to open on April 2nd. Ryanair, air Europa and Air Berlin all reported as being interested and in negotiations with Corvera.

As you watch and I am sure enjoy the short movie remember elections for regional parties takes place in May 2015 so there are lots of stories with different conflicting news making it impossible to know what is really going on with this or any other project.

Is it politics or is Corvera opening April 2nd 2015? We will have to wait and see.

The one thing about Spanish politics is they keep life exciting, opening and start dates of their star projects are always just a few months ahead, when these dates come and go there is another date published for you to be excited about.

I hope for Condado and for Murcia that this airport opens soon, only 20 minutes from the resort it will no doubt make short trips to Condado a lot more viable for many people.


admin @ November 25, 2014